Tunisia JOBS is a five-year, $59.5 million project to provide Tunisian companies, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), with the resources needed to expand their sales, exports, and growth on a sustainable basis, leading to job creation and greater economic opportunities throughout the country.

Our Team

Key  Activities

  • Direct assistance to SMEs to increase sales growth through a portfolio of instruments, including technical assistance to improve their competitiveness, linkages with new buyers in Tunisia and internationally, securing international certifications required by buyers, and marketing and branding,
  • Enhancing access to finance, including direct assistance to leading banks, microfinance institutions, and Tunisian equity funds to increase funding available to SMEs,
  • Supporting foreign direct investment,
  • Providing support to strategic sectors such as technology/innovation, textiles, tourism, and agribusiness.
  • Reducing the gap between the quality of skills delivered by the educational and vocational training systems (supply) and the needs and demand of the private sector (demand) to ensure that youth are prepared to meet private sector needs,
  • Providing training and recruiting assistance to firms to measurably reduce unemployment and enhance companies’ growth prospects,
  • Championing the private sector’s role in Tunisia’s workforce development programs at a national level through private-public sector partnerships in areas such as curricula and policy reform,
  • Implementing regional pilot initiatives to test innovative approaches with quantifiable impact in reducing unemployment such as private sector-led job placement and training.
  • Forging private-public sector dialogue to identify policy and regulatory constraints that inhibit firm growth,
  • Supporting reform champions in both the private sector and the Tunisian government to implement needed reforms, especially in areas such as starting a business, access to finance, trade, and government procurement.
  • Convey to Tunisians nation-wide, but especially youth, U.S. contributions to the country’s development,
  • Deliver a message of hope about market-led growth and Tunisia’s future.


  • Over 14,000 expected new jobs resulting from direct assistance to over 450 companies,

  • Approximately $72 million generated in access to finance for Tunisian SMEs,

  • More than 180 enterprises assisted to export, generating approximately,

  • $50 million in new sales,

  • 2,500 youth trained in employability skills, enhancing employment opportunities,

  • Reform implemented in university level ICT curricula, with private sector support,

  • Over $5 million secured in FDI, with a pipeline of over $9 million,

  • Action plan to improve the World Bank Doing Business Indicators for starting a business, including required reforms, submitted to the Council of Ministers.

Tunisia JOBS in brief:

  • Implementing Partner: Chemonics International Inc.

  • Duration: 2018-2023

  • USAID Investment: $59.5 million

  • Key Counterparts: Private sector organizations (Regional Chambers of Commerce, Industry Federations, private businesses), Government of Tunisia